Bioenergy Australia Webinar Series

In order to support Australia's participation in the International Energy Agency (IEA) Bioenergy Tasks, Bioenergy Australia each year organises a webinar series, including a lecture for each Task involved in the program.

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Webinar series 2022

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Accelerating the role of bioenergy in Australia’s Circular Economy, Thursday 7th April 2022. Presenters: Martin Gravett, Alister Green, Mark Jonker. Moderator: Tiana Nairn. Recording available post webinar.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Bridging the price gap for Sustainable Aviation Fuel - Thursday 24 March 2022. Presenter: Michael Hallam. Panel: Graeme Potger, Sami Jauhiainen & Celine Parle. Moderator: Heidi Hauf.  Recording available here. Report available here.

Webinar series 2021

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: IEA Bioenergy Task 37: The role of renewable gas in decarbonisation - Tuesday 23rd November. Presenters:  Dr David Wall, Professor Jerry Murphy, and Dr.-Ing Jan Liebetrau. Moderator: Professor Bernadette McCabe. Recording available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar with Maritime Industry Australia : Global Shipping & the Transition to Carbon Neutral Fuels Tuesday 12th Oct 2021. Presenters Angela Gillham, Rhiannah Carver, Craig Jackison, Vlad Jotic, Isabel van Papenrecht-Welten. Moderator Steve Rogers. 

Bioenergy Australia Webinar with the US Grains Council: Ethanol: Decarbonisation of Transport Fuel in the Bioeconomy - Wednesday 25 August. Presenters: Chris Bliley, Keith Sharp, Bhavisha Kallichurn and Prof. Dr. Rex B. Demafelis. Moderator: Geoff Bell. Recording available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Global Transitions to Cleaner Fuels - Thursday 29 July 2021. Presenters: Dr. Chris Greig, Timothy Goodson, Praveen Bains and Dr. Felix Leach. Moderator: Keith Sharp. Recording available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Sustainable Aviation Fuel taking off globally - Thursday 27 May 2021. Presenters: David Young, Eddie Rutgers, Grace Cheung, Marianne Csaky, Alastair Bulloch, Patrick Gruber, Jimmy Samartzis, Arianna Baldo, David Harris and Paul Bennett. Moderator: Mark Augustyniewicz. Recording available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Risk, legal and insurance… covering yourself and your project - Thursday 18 February 2021. Presenters: Bronia Henty-Smith, Brett Parnell, Sam Burford and Sam Jennings. Moderator: Dianne Glenn. Recording available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: The role of bioenergy in supporting a renewables dominated electricity grid - Thursday 4 February 2021. Presenters:James Reynolds, Keith Lovegrove, Mengyu Li, Patrick Lim, and Bernie Heron. Moderator: Henry Anning. Recording available here.

Webinar series 2020

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Bioenergy for a green recovery - 13 October 2020. Presenters: Ray Davies, Dominic Murphy, Sandy Gray, Ward Petherbridge, Robert Frew. Moderator: Andrew Lang. Recording available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Bio water - the significant opportunity for bioenergy in supporting decarbonisation and enhanced energy productivity of Australia's water industry  - 10 September 2020. Presenters: Kunal Shah, Shaun Cumming, Travis McNeill, John Koumoukelis, Daniel Lambert. Moderator: Michael Froud. Recording available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: To Infinity & Beyond – the opportunities and possibilities for Bio Hydrogen - 20 August 2020. Presenters: Daniel Roberts, Mark Jonker, Geoff Ward, Amy Philbrook. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Flexible bioenergy systems in the Ag sector with a focus on digestate utilisation - 10 July 2020. Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 44. Presenters: Dr Amy Philbrook, Richard Gorman, Rasmus Eisted & Ian Rowe. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: The crucial role of the biofuel industry for sanitisation and resilience - 25 June 2020. Presenters: Shahana McKenzie, Ming Leung, Peter Chomley, Geoff Bell. Presentations available here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar: Bioenergy project viability – What steps do you need to take to cover yourself? - 27 May 2020. Presenters: Dianne Glen, Mac Irvine, Mary Lewitzka, Kane Ravenscroft. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar - Renewable Natural Gas - decarbonisation of the Canadian gas network and Australian opportunities - 21 May 2020. Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 37. Presenters: Scott Gramm, Amir Ghasdi, Bernadette McCabe. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar - Pitching your project for funding success - 13 May 2020. Presenters: Kellie Larsen, Michael Froud, Paul McCartney and Troy Collings. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar "Decarbonising the gas network - potential, projects and policies" - 6 May 2020. Presenters: Jerry D Murphy, Claus Mortensen, Ole Hvelplund and Joshua Moran. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar "Lignin and other sustainable carbon sources as metallurgical coal substitutes" - 30 April 2020. Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 42. Presenters: Geoff Bell and Samane Maroufi. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar "The Potential Value of Biohubs to Help Deploy and Grow Sustainable Biomass Supply" - 22 April 2020. Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 43. Presenters: Mark Brown,Biljana Kulisic and Bruno Gagnon. Presentations available here. Recording here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar "The significant role of biofuels in decarbonising the aviation, marine and road transport fleets" - 15 April 2020. Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 39. Presenters: Philip Moore, Johannes Lehken and Steve Rogers. Presentations available here. Recording here and here.

Bioenergy Australia Webinar "Biobased chemicals: a 2020 update including global and Australian implications" - 24 February 2020. Supported by IEA Bioenergy Task 42. Presenters: Geoff Bell, Ed De Jong. Presentation available here. Recording here.


Webinar series 2019

Task 36 Webinar "Carbon Capture and Storage opportunities for the Waste to Energy sector - towards negative emissions?" - 4 November 2019. Presenters: Daniel Roberts, Allison Hortle, Michael Becidan. Presentations available here.

Task 39 Webinar "With vehicle electrification - who needs biofuels?" - 30 July 2019. Presenter: Steve Rogers. Presentation available here.

Task 37 Webinar "Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste for a Circular Economy" - 12 June 2019. Presenters: Bernadette McCabe, Urs Baier, Charles Banks. Presentations available here.

Task 45 Webinar "The importance of bioenergy in climate change mitigation" - 2 May 2019. Presenters: Annette Cowie, Vassilis Daioglou. Presentations available here.

Task 43 Webinar "Forest biomass procurement as part of larger forest silvicultural systems" - 13 May 2019. Presenters: Evelyne Thiffault, Michael Berry. Presentations available here.


Webinar series 2018

Task 37 Webinar "Greening the gas grid: An international perspective and opportunities for Australia" - 22 May 2018. Presenters: Bernadette McCabe, Jerry Murphy, Mathieu Dumont. Presentations available here.

Task 38 Webinar "Climate Change Effects of Bioenergy Systems" - 21 September 2018. Presenters: Annette Cowie, Fabiano Ximenes. Presentations available here.

Task 39 Webinar "Biofuels policies to help investment flow in the rush to the Bio-Economy" - 6 December 2018. Presenter: Steve Rogers. Presentation available here.

Task 42 Webinar "Decision Support System for Biorefinery Transformation Strategies: I-BIOREF Software Platform" - 10 May 2018. Presenters: Marzouk Benali, Behrang Mansoornejad, Olumoye Ajao. Presentations available here.

Task 43 Webinar "Results of the First Large-Scale Trial of Fuel-Adapted Harvesting in Australia" - 18 June 2018. Presenter: Martin Strandgard. Presentation available here.