Media Releases

14 May 2024 - Media release: Budget 2024: Unlocking Australia's Low Carbon Fuels' Future

The Sustainable Aviation Fuel Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (SAFAANZ) and Cleaner Fuels Alliance (CFA) welcomes today’s array of Budget announcements set to accelerate deployment of a viable domestic renewable fuels industry. Read more.


5 February 2023 - Media release: The Honourable Catherine King MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government to open the Australian Renewable Fuels Week Conference

The challenge of decarbonising Australia’s hard-to-abate industries will be the focus of Australian Renewable Fuels Week 2024, with Australia’s biggest companies and innovators gathering in Canberra in March to examine key opportunities. Read more.

12 December 2023 - Media release: Industry calls for strategic policies to stimulate supply and demand of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Strategic policies to stimulate supply and demand of Sustainable Aviation Fuel are urgently required if Australia is to fulfill its potential to become a global leader in the production of the renewable fuel. Read more.


16 August 2023 - Media release: SAFAANZ support following Jet Zero Council’s inaugural meeting 

The Sustainable Aviation Fuel Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (SAFAANZ) has welcomed the inaugural meeting of the Australian Jet Zero Council, held in Brisbane yesterday. Read more.


21 May 2023 - Media release: SAFAANZ response to Jet Zero Council and ARENA $30 Million announcement

The Sustainable Aviation Fuel Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (SAFAANZ) welcomes the announcement and membership of the council and the official opening of ARENA’s $30 million grant funding initiative to support the development of an advanced biofuels sector - getting vital funding to the projects that will change the game. Read more.


22 May 2023 -  Transitioning Australia's Liquid Fuels Sector: the role of renewable fuels

Australia will be exposed to environmental, economic and energy security risks if governments fail to foster a domestic renewable fuels sector. That is the alarming assessment of a new report commissioned by Bioenergy Australia. Read more.


6 March 2023 - Terri Butler Joins Sustainable Aviation Fuels Alliance of Australia and New Zealand to help fast track the development of SAF

Australia is well placed to reap a substantial economic windfall from the global growth in Sustainable Aviation Fuel, but must act swiftly to catch the pace set by other nations, according to incoming chair of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Alliance Australia and New Zealand, Terri Butler. Read more


7 September 2022 - Thats a Wrap - Renewable Gas Meets Parliament

Earlier this week the renewable gas industry embarked on a journey to Canberra to convince our Federal Members, Senators, and Departmental officials of the need to support the deployment of Biomethane in Australia. Read more


24 March 2022 - Sustainable Aviation Fuel – Accelerating a new industry to drive down emissions and drive up the economy

A report released today by the Sustainable Aviation Fuels Alliance of Australia and New Zealand (SAFAANZ) titled Bridging the price gap for Sustainable Aviation Fuel, has identified, amongst a number of other recommendations, the creation of a Jet Council as an immediate priority action for Government to accelerate the significant opportunity presented by the development of a domestic Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Industry. Read more


01 October 2021 - Biomethane Method Devlopment

Regional, green and powerful: Bioenergy Australia congratulates Energy Minister Angus Taylor for supporting the development of an ERF method for biomethane from agricultural waste which is important to driving regional investment and jobs. Read More


28 January 2021 - BP and QANTAS form strategic partnership to advance net zero emissions 

Qantas and bp today announced a strategic partnership to further advance their shared net zero ambitions. Through the collaboration, the companies will work together on opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in the aviation sector and contribute to the development of a sustainable aviation fuel industry in Australia. Read More 


27 October, 2020 - Liquid Fuels Security Conference

Bioenergy Australia would like to congratulate the conference organisers, and keynote speaker Hon. Angus Taylor, Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction for highlighting the significant opportunities for Biofuels in Australia at today’s Liquid Fuel Security Conference. Minister Taylor spoke to the significant opportunities for advanced biofuels across aviation, marine and heavy haulage and referred to the soon to be released Australian Bioenergy Roadmap to guide the direction we take. He spoke to the significant expertise and feedstocks available and the demand interest from industries such as aviation as key drivers. Read More.


22 September, 2020 - Renewable energy is more than renewable electricity 

Consultation has recently closed on the Tasmanian Government draft Renewable Energy Action Plan, which identifies renewable energy as a key economic driver to rebuild a stronger Tasmania in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But Tasmania could be missing a trick by too narrowly focusing on renewable electricity, overlooking the significant opportunities to create clean, local and resilientenergy sources to replace natural gas for heat generation and to transition the transport sector away from fossil-based sources. Read More.


17 September 2020 - Response to Federal Government Investment Package for New & Emerging Technologies and Fuel Security 

Bioenergy Australia welcomes the Federal Government announcement for investment in new and emerging technologies, including $1.62 billion for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), and the expansion focus of ARENA and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to back new technologies that will cut emissions in agriculture, manufacturing, industry and transport. Read More


12 August 2020 - Local, green and powerful: Renewable gas needs to be at forefront of technologies identified for investment, says growing number of industries and businesses

An open letter to the Commonwealth government co-authored by Bioenergy Australia and the Australian Hydrogen Council, and signed by over fifty supporting organisations and businesses, is advocating for renewable gas to be prioritised as part of Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap which is currently under development. Read More.


22 July 2020 - New Collaboration to Drive Increased Uptake of Renewables in Australia 

The Clean Energy Council and Bioenergy Australia today announce that a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations has been signed to drive an increased level of understanding, uptake and engagement in renewable energy generation in Australia. Read More.


9 June 2020 - Renewable, reliable and local: It’s time to back biogas, says growing number of industries and businesses

An open letter to the Commonwealth government signed on behalf of thousands of organisations and businesses is advocating for biomethane injection into gas distribution networks - recognising the role biogas can play to solve energy market decarbonisation challenges while providing the lowest cost transition to a decarbonised energy system. Read More.


1 June 2020 - Australian Ethanol: Call for industry investment to safeguard supply and boost regional economies

As supply lines from China reopen, Bioenergy Australia is calling on the federal government to support hand sanitiser manufacturing businesses to continue to buy Australian Ethanol, as the active ingredient in hand sanitiser and surface disinfectants, as cheaper imports enter the market again. Read More.


29 April 2020 - HOPE FOR BILLION DOLLAR BIO-ECONOMY TO BLOOM - National Bioenergy Roadmap the pathway to a resilient Australia

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor yesterday announced with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) that consultation has commenced on the development of a first-ever national bioenergy roadmap, to help inform the next series of investment and policy decisions in the bioenergy sector in Australia.  Read More.


5 March 2020 -  No need to phase out gas in ACT – just make it green!

Evoenergy has announced yesterday that it will continue to plan for the roll out of "renewable gas" - such as hydrogen and bio-methane - as it highlights the potential costs of relying solely on green electricity to power the territory in the coming decades. Read More.


8 November 2019 - Bioenergy STRONG Conference - converting Australia's waste into useable energy

Bioenergy Australia’s annual Bioenergy STRONG conference will explore innovative approaches that Australia can adopt and expand on to convert agricultural, municipal, industrial and non-recyclable waste into valuable products such as electricity, liquid transport fuels for land, sea and air, renewable gas, renewable heat and high value products such as bio plastics and chemicals.  Read more.


18 September 2019 - Where is Renewable Gas in the ACT Governments Climate Change strategy?

The ACT has announced yesterday the next phase of its strategy towards zero net emissions, saying it will look to phase out the use of gas, electrify all new government-owned buildings and support the further adoption of emissions-free transport options.  Read more.


20 August 2019 - Let's not WASTE our WASTE!

The global recycling trade was disrupted early last year by an abrupt decision by Chinese authorities to dramatically toughen restrictions on 24 types of recyclable waste from around the world.  The ban has had serious repercussions in Australia with SKM Recycling, Victoria’s largest recycler, going bankrupt two weeks ago. Read more.


17 July 2019 - Clean and renewable biodiesel refinery set to drive down emissions across Australia’s transportation sector.

Australia’s newest biodiesel facility has commenced production in Barnawartha Victoria and will supply low carbon renewable B5, B20 and B100 to south-east Australia. Just Biodiesel in partnership with Refueling Solutions, will produce biodiesel, a renewable, clean-burning diesel replacement that is reducing Australia’s dependence on foreign petroleum, creating jobs and improving the environment. Read more.

22 February 2019 - Bioenergy Australia calling on a Parliamentary inquiry, strategy and roadmap for a new industry to transition Australia’s economy away from fossil.

With the alarming announcement yesterday from China regarding Australia’s coal exportation, significant moves from the banking and investment sector away from fossil fuels and the recent announcements from major mining groups such as Glencore and BHP responding to investor and environmental pressures now is the time for some strategic thinking and an urgent fast track on the development of a new industry that can replace and support jobs and economic development for regional Australia and a transition economy for Australia.  Read More


7 January 2019 - Biofuels – A Forgotten Solution to our National Fuel Reserve Crisis 

Alarming reports continue to emerge regarding Australia’s low emergency fuel reserves and how it makes us “vulnerable” and creates a critical national security issue.  Read More.


4 December 2018 - Calls for national leadership: Billion-dollar industry continues to go ignored

New report shows Queensland is the national leader while Australia lags behind globally with no national strategy. Read More.


18 October 2018 - Australia’s first bioenergy awards shows the sector can deliver on its $5 billion promise

Four innovative bioenergy projects and the Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk have been awarded top honours at the inaugural Bioenergy Innovation Awards Dinner held at the State Library of Queensland. Read More.


17 September 2018 - AGL solidifies commitment to sustainable energy future and joins Bioenergy Australia as Foundation Members

Bioenergy Australia is delighted to welcome AGL as a new Foundation member and as the first energy retailer and generator to show its support to Australia’s emerging Bioenergy sector. Read More


27 August 2018 - Bioenergy Strong Conference Announces Provocative Agenda

Shahana McKenzie, CEO, Bioenergy Australia says “The conference agenda this year is one I’m particularly excited and passionate about. We’ll be covering some hugely topical subjects such as the role of waste to energy in solving our waste challenge, the road blocks to biofuels deployment and an analysis of Australia’s Bioenergy performance by KPMG.” Read More

17 August 2018 - Australians and Local alternative fuel suppliers winning in new deal with International giant Scania Australia to drive down emissions

Scania Australia is taking bold strides towards making the adoption of alternative fuels an easier choice for the country’s transport operators.  The company has recently signed a memoranda of understanding with three providers in the bio-fuels industry.  Shahana McKenzie, CEO Bioenergy Australia is delighted its members are working together to deliver biofuels solutions locally. Read More


7 May 2018 - Biofuels - A Forgotten Solution to our National Fuel Reserve Crisis

Alarming reports have emerged from the Federal Government today that Australia’s low emergency fuel reserves makes us “vulnerable” and creates a critical national security issue. The production of Biofuels in Australia can help diversify the sources of transportation fuels and decrease Australia’s reliance on petroleum imports. Read More


2 May 2018 - Report Finds - NSW Missing Out on Bio-Boosted Economy

New South Wales missing out formed part of a discussion at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday night, as the State continues to not meet its Government mandated biofuels requirements whilst also not fully recognising the future potential for a bio-based economy as part of its fuel and energy mix. Read More


16 April 2018 - Investment in Future Fuels CRC

Bioenergy Australia welcomes the investment in moving towards decarbonisation of our national gas industry. Biogas is a safe and reliable gas solution and Australia currently lags behind in deployment of biogas projects. Not only can biogas supply energy, through capturing the gas it is reducing waste and significantly reducing emissions. Read More


28 March 2018 - Biofuels to bioproducts: A growth industry for Australia

Increased use of 10 per cent ethanol-blended petrol (E10) in Australia could create more than 8600 direct & indirect jobs, attract $1.56 billion in investment and generate more than $1.1 billion in additional revenue each year in regional areas.  “Biofuels are the gateway to creating a bioeconomy, and biofuels production and consumption in Australia lags behind benchmark countries such as the United States and Brazil,” report lead author, QUT Professor Ian O’Hara said. Read More


12 December 2017 - Bioenergy Australia & The Biofuels Association of Australia join forces

Biofuels Association of Australia and Bioenergy Australia will be joining forces and uniting to drive a consistent approach to advocacy and profile raising of the sector. We are delighted to welcome TFA Project Group, Danisco Singapore, Novozymes Australia, Wilmar Bio-Ethanol (Australia) and Ecotech Biodiesel as new members of Bioenergy Australia and to announce Mr Garry Mulvay current Chair of the Biofuels Association of Australia to join the Bioenergy Australia Board. Read More


24 November 2017 – Bioenergy Australia calls on COAG to bioenergise their energy future

New research released this week at BioEnergy 2017 event, from research scientist, Fabiano Ximenes from NSW Department of Primary Industries has shown the NSW North Coast has untapped bio-power potential through forests and sawmills with enough residue that would power 200,000 homes a year. Read more.


22 November 2017 – Bioenergy Australia elect new chair and two new board members to drive growth for industry

Bioenergy Australia’s members have elected two new members to the Board to raise the profile of bioenergy in Australia and ensure it features prominently in the energy strategies and policies of all tiers of government. Read more.


18 October 2017– Bioenergy Australia welcomes inclusion of bioenergy in the National Energy Guarantee

Bioenergy Australia welcomes the Government’s commitment to “reward” biomass in the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), indicating the Government understands Australia’s continuing energy crisis and the underutilised benefits of renewable bioenergy. Read more.


13 September 2017 – Bioenergy Australia appoints new CEO to drive and expand national agenda

Bioenergy Australia has recently appointed a new Chief Executive Officer, Shahana McKenzie, to drive their commitment to bioenergy and ensure the industry features prominently in the energy strategies and policies of all tiers of government. Read the media release.