Bioenergy Australia is committed to accelerating Australia’s bioeconomy. Our mission is to foster the bioenergy sector to generate jobs, secure investment, maximise the value of local resources, minimise waste and environmental impacts, and develop and promote national bioenergy expertise into international markets.
Bioenergy Australia’s Code of Conduct provides a framework for the conduct of its members that shape the way we work as an industry. The Code of Conduct provides a set of guiding principles that strives to give confidence to stakeholders about the integrity of Bioenergy Australia members, our organisation and the bioenergy industry.
As a member of Bioenergy Australia, you commit to abiding by this Code. Bioenergy Australia members will be held accountable in accordance with the Constitution which empowers the Board to administer this Code of Conduct.

Code of Conduct

Bioenergy Australia members conduct their work with integrity and professionalism, based on sound scientific evidence and with financial, environmental and social standards that go beyond the minimum legal requirements.

Members will work together to collectively advance the bioenergy industry through being multidisciplinary and collaborative, integrating knowledge across and between stakeholders.

Members of Bioenergy Australia should:

  • Contribute to a cleaner energy future for Australia by demonstrating and promoting sustainable practices
  • Work with and support Bioenergy Australia to achieve its strategic objectives.
  • Act ethically and with integrity and respect for the community and the natural environment
  • Operate in a professional manner and with the highest level of commercial integrity
  • Demonstrate to clients, the community and government that they uphold best practice principles, standards and a commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Work safely and apply industry best practice to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, clients, suppliers and communities.
  • Operate in the best interests of developing the industry, work collaboratively and not use Bioenergy events, forums or activities to seek individual advantage over other members 

  • Act professionally, and not use Bioenergy events, forums or activities to discredit other members or the industry broadly 

  • Comply with any amendments to the Code of Conduct agreed to by the Board of Bioenergy Australia.


Bioenergy Australia will:

As the Industry association representing the Bioenergy sector, Bioenergy Australia’s commitment to its members and stakeholders is that it will:
  • Develop and deliver a robust strategic plan that will drive growth and opportunities for the industry
  • Operate in the best interests of the industry as a whole
  • Create and manage committees, taskforces and other opportunities to ensure that members are provided with the opportunity to engage in the development of policy positions, advocacy agendas and campaigns delivered by the organisation
  • Operate transparently with members
  • Seek to represent the various sectors of the bioenergy industry equally.


Breaches to the Code of Conduct

  • An initial letter of warning to the member representative and head of the membership organisation in breach
  • If another breach takes place, then a follow up letter to the head of the member organisation and a meeting takes place, requesting an alternate member representative
  • Finally, if another breach takes place and no alternate representative is provided then exclusion from membership committees and alliances will take place and renewal of membership will not be sought.