Renewable Fuels Meets Parliament
Queens Terrace Cafe, Parliament House Networking Reception Monday 18 March, 7:00-9:00pm

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This event is now sold out.

As part our commitment to supporting Australia’s decarbonisation efforts, we are proud to be bringing Australian Renewable Fuels Week to Canberra in 2024.

Renewable Fuels Meets Parliament networking reception at Queens Terrace Cafe, Parliament House will launch Australian Renewable Fuels Week 2024, as well as celebrate our year-long Renewable Fuels Meets Parliament advocacy work.

During this campaign we have engaged, informed, and connected with a range of Members of Parliament and Senators and their advisors and are confident that our message on the critical role of these products in supporting decarbonisation is understood.

This networking reception will facilitate meaningful discussions between Members and Senators with representatives from the renewable fuels industry that can speak to the opportunities and challenges, particularly in hard to abate sectors.