Renewable Heat Alliance 

Purpose of the Alliance 
The purpose of the Heat & Power Committee (HPC) is to assist in driving a higher level of understanding, uptake and engagement relating to the opportunities of generating heat and power from biomass in Australia, with a particular focus on renewable heat.

Objectives Renewable Heat Alliance 
Within the definition of heat and power: 

  1. Assist in the development of the annual advocacy strategy relating to renewable heat and power production and deployment in Australia
  2. Provide advice on the opportunities and challenges for the conversion of biomass into heat and power in Australia
  3. Drive forward opportunities to generate heat and power from biomass
  4. Contribute to the preparation of submissions to government
  5. Advise on opportunities and focus areas for events, programs and campaigns 
  6. Advise the BA Board and CEO on topics for the conference 
  7. Engage with the membership in knowledge-sharing and advise on topics for seminars, meetings, workshops, webinars, website information etc.


  • To facilitate its work the HPC is to hold face-to-face or teleconference meetings at least 4 times a year. 
  • Members must attend at least two meetings a year to remain on the Alliance. 
  • Meeting agendas are to be set by the Chair in consultation with the Alliance members. 
  • The minutes of a teleconferences and face-to-face meetings should contain only decisions, recommendations and actions. 

Member organisations that participate in the Renewable Heat Alliance are:
Biopower Solutions
Bush's Protein
Clean Cowra
Climate and Future Industries Tasmania
CST Wastewater
Daintree Bio Precinct 
EnergyLink Services
Evo Heat
Forest Sciences NSW DPI
IQ Energy
Justsen Pacific
Optimal Group
Windsor Group